Nagaoka Laboratory Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University


+FY 2022
-2022.12.5-7 The 36th Molecular Simulation Symposium, [Tokyo Institute of Technology(Tokyo, Japan)]
- 1109P Effect of electrode potential on mechanical property of SEI film in Li-ion batteries
- 1116P Development of the GPU version of the configuration-selective pH (CS-CpH) method and its applications
-2022.10.18-20 12th CSJ Chemistry Festa, [Tower Hall Funabori(Tokyo, Japan)]
- P2-009 Structure stabilizing effects of histidine protonation on R-state human adult hemoglobin 
-2022.09.19-22 The 16th Annual Meeting of Japan Society Of Molecular Science [Keio University (Yokohama, Japan)]
- 3P076 All-atom Simulation of Reversible Chain Transfer Polymerization of (Pyridylamido)Hf and Bis(phenoxy-imine)Zr: Catalyst Structure and its Effect on Reactivity
- 4C11 heoretical Study on Direction of Polymer Elongation Reaction in PCP/MOF Nanochannels
- 4P081 Stabilization effect of inter-subunit interactions on the R-state hemoglobin structure
-2022.05.17-20 The 24th Theoretical Chemistry Symposium [The Kanazawa Chamber Of Commerce & Industry(Ishikawa, Japan)]
- 1L06 SEI film formation simulation under constant-current constant-voltage charging in Li-ion batteries
- 1L10 Structural Stability of R-state Hemoglobin determined by the Protonation States of Histidine Residues
- 2P13 All-atom Simulation of Chain Transfer Olefin Copolymerization Reaction of (Pyridylamido)Hf catalyst: Steric Effect of Catalyst and Polymer on Monomer Insertion
- 2P37 Effect of electrode potential on the mechanical properties of SEI film in Li-ion batteries

* These are the presentations that won a Best Poster Prize or Best Presentaion Award.