Nagaoka Laboratory Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University


+FY 2020
-2020.11.6-7 Society of Computer Chemistry, Japan (SCCJ) Conference 2020 Fall, [Online]
- 2O-13* The Role of Entering Oxygen Molecules into Hemoglobin in T-R State Quaternary Conformational Changes
-2020.9.14-17 The Online Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science, [Online]
- 1D15 Diverse conformational change processes in the t-r state transition of human adult hemoglobin: application of data analysis by time-series clustering method
- 3A18 Computational chemical analysis of olefin polymerization reaction activity by (pyridylamido)Hf catalyst focusing on the effect of counteranions

* These are the presentations that won a Best Poster Prize or Best Presentaion Award.