Nagaoka Laboratory Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University


+FY 2012
-2012.09.22-24?坙{?????????w?・・T?O?N?・/a> [???É??蜉w?@???R?L?????p?X?i???m???j]
2E1436 A Molecular Mechanism of Induced-fit of U1A Protein
2PT165 ?q?g?w???O???r???̕????y?f???q?N?・o?H?̌v?Z?I?ヘ
Computational Analysis of Multimple Oxygen Migration Pathways in Human Hemoglobin
-2012.09.18-21?謔U?񕪎q?Ȋw???_?・/a> [?????蜉w?@?{???L?????p?X (????)]
2D03 ?I?n?}?a?l???????n?t???U?????ヘ???[?`???̊J???F?????^?O???V???z?ِ??̂ւ̓K?p
2B05 ?q?g?w???O???r???ߖT???謔ム?Ք?ɂ????骼_?f???q?????̉ヘ
3E14 ???q???K???K?w?^QM/MM-MD?@?ɂ謔・n??-?n?}?ԑ??ݍ・p?̉・P?F?O???V?????n?t?ւ̓K?p
-2012.05.23-25The 16th International Annual Symposium on Computational Science and Engineering (ANSCSE 16) [Chiang Mai University (Thailand)]
U1A Undergoes Partial Unfolding of Helix-C Through RNA-Binding Process: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
-2012.05.10-12JST International Symposium on Multi-scale Simulation of Condensed-phase Reacting Systems (MSCRS2012) [Nagoya University (Japan)]
O08 Theoretical Study on the Incipient Relaxation Process of Photolyzed Carbonmonoxy Myoglobin by Perturbation Ensemble Molecular Dynamics Method
O09 Space-Time Characteristics of the Protein Thermodynamic Quantities under the Cytoplasmic Condition of Extremophiles: Kirkwood-Buff Approach on the Preferential
O18 Theoretical Study on Hydration Structure and Charge Distribution of Zwitterionic Glycine in Aqueous Solution via the Number-Adaptive Multiscale QM/MM-MD method
O19 Computational Approach to the Optimization Method of the Reaction Pathway on the Free Energy Surface
O23 Reaction Path Tracing via Free Energy Gradient Method for Ammonia Ionization Process in Aqueous Solution
P03 Conformational Change of U1A Protein: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
P08 On the Smoothing of Free Energy Landscape of Neutral-Form Glycine Conformers in Aqueous Solution
P13 Computational Chemical Analysis of the Nanostructures of the Macromolecular Polymer Membranes
P32 Implementation of AMBER-PAICS Interface
P34 Visualization of the Protein Transfer Free Energy: Toward the Microscopic Understanding of the Molecular Crowding