This international symposium is an occasion to discuss on "Multi-scale Simulation of Condensed-phase Reacting Systems", which is realized through coarse-graining and reconstruction of the atomic data obtained by quantum chemical calculations and molecular dynamics simulations for solutions, surfaces and biopolymers.

In the symposium, the following subjects are mainly focused; (i) the free-energy treatments and their perspectives in chemical reactions in solutions and proteins,(ii) the QM/MM treatments which enable us to deal with large-scale molecular systems and their applications, (iii) the coarse-graining techniques and reconstruction methods and their applications to specific cases.

This symposium will provide us with good opportunities to discuss the above topics and to network with researchers in this field. Through the active discussion and opinion exchange among all the participants including the poster presenters and, on the basis of the oral talks by overseas and domestic speakers, we would like to draw the final remarks of the symposium and deduce the future perspectives.