Dr. Carlos, Prof. Kitamura (Shizuoka University)'s paper 「Theoretical Prediction of pH-dependent Electronic Spectra in Aqueous Solution: A Combinational Application of QM/MM Calculations and Constant-pH Simulations with Configuration-Selection Scheme」 has been accepted in Chemical Physics Letters, 798, 139624 (2022) (IF: 2.328). Congratulations!
2022/03/04 Ms. Haruka Yotsuya (B4) received the 2021 Nagoya University President's Award. Congratulations!
Dr. Bouibes(Former PD), Dr. Takenaka (Current Prof. at University of Tokyo)'s paper "Development of Advanced Electrolytes in Na-ion Batteries: Application of Red Moon Method for Molecular Structure Design of SEI Layer" has been accepted in RSC Advances (IF:3.245). Congratulations!
2021/11/18 Mr. Rao (D3) was authorized as a THERS Interdisciplinary Frontier Next Generation Researcher (Decarbonization&Environment). Congratuations!
Prof. Kurisaki (Kobe University), Ms. Takahashi (Former MC graduate student), Prof. Kitamura (Shizuoka University)'s paper "Chloride Ions Stabilize Human Adult Hemoglobin in T-State, Competing with Allosteric Interaction of Oxygen Molecules" has been accepted in Journal of the Physical Chemistry B (IF:2.857). Congratulations!
Ms. Miho Tanaka (M2), Prof. Kitamura (Shizuoka University)'s paper "Data Scientific Study on Allosteric Regulation of Hemoglobin -The Role of Chloride Ion in Quaternary Structural Change-" has been accepted in Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan. Congratulations!
Dr. Takenaka (Current Prof. at University of Tokyo), Dr. Bouibes (Former PD)'s paper "Frontiers in Theoretical Analysis of Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formation Mechanism" has been accepted in Advanced Materials (IF:30.849). Congratulations!
2021/06/08 Ms. Miho Tanaka (M2) was awarded the Scholarship Award at SCCJ Conference 2021 Spring (online). Congratulations!
2021/06/02 Ms. Nisrine (D1) was awarded the Excellent Poster Award at the 23rd Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (online). Congratulations!
Mr. Takami (M2), Prof. Kitamura (Shizuoka University)'s paper "Performance Research of Clustering Methods for Detecting State Transition Trajectories in Hemoglobin" has been accepted in Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan. Congratulations!